Monday, October 18, 2010

Tricking Out Your Evo w/o Rooting

Have you ever wanted to add some sweet modifications to your Evo(or any other android phone running 2.1 & up) without rooting it, in fear that you might "brick" it? Well have no fear, there are some sweet apps you can download in the market. See list below.

  • LG Home (LG Optimus One home launcher)
  • LG Memo Widget
  • LG Calendar
  • Gallery 3D
 Ok lets break down the details. First the "LG Home" is kinda self explanatory, its the home launcher from LG's Optimus One. With all its features. The Memo Widget is pretty cool too, after you add the widget to your home screen, you can add a photo to it, and later replace it and take a new one.(it only lets you have one memo, unless you add the widget more than once.) The Calendar has two widgets to choose from, the first being a month view & the second being the day view. Lastly is the 3D gallery from the Nexus One, and its fully featured :) If you wanna see these apps in action & full detail watch the video after the break.

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