Saturday, November 13, 2010


Looks like Google has finally finished preparing there holiday goodies for all us Android users!!!! Anybody else excited? There is no official release date yet, or which phones will get it when it launches. But its good to know that its ready :) if any one has any info drop a comment to share with your fellow bloggers.
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Friday, November 5, 2010

Blogger for Android

So I found a nifty app on the market called "Blogger-Droid" that allows you to post to your Google Blogger account. And I'm actually posting this blog from that app as you read :) I'll be back with more details as I test all of the features out.
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Wednesday, November 3, 2010

SoundHound In: Crouching Sound Hidden Hound

So there has been much talk of Sound Hound lately, and how its gonna be embedded on all future Android devices from HTC. But has anyone noticed that it was placed in the 2.1 update on the Cliq? Not the stand-alone app but built into the Cliq's music app. Not a major find but still interesting. Here's a screen to see the proof :) enjoy and check it out on your Cliq.

Monday, November 1, 2010

Yahoo! Video Chat Showing Up In Market

Ok so a couple of days ago I made a post about "Qik Video Chat" (for Mytouch 4g) That was only supposed to be on T-Mobile version of market. (but showed up on my evo) And now the same thing is happening with their Yahoo! Messenger app, that is only "supposed" to be for the MyTouch. I dont know if these are accidents but the description says *Exclusively For the T-Mobile MyTouch4G* here are some screens i took.

Friday, October 29, 2010

Nexus 2?

Over the past day or so there has been talk of a Google Nexus 2, until recently there was no proof. But the guys over at gizmodo got the scoop.

The picture above is what this beauty may look like. Yes it looks like the Galaxy S phones, but i dont recall them having front facing cameras, or stock android! Oh Yeah!!!! Not much the difference but its a start. If u wanna read the full article head on over to Gizmodo Nexus 2

Qik Video Chat For MyTouch 4g(UPDATE)

So Qik Inc. has released its video chat app for the MyTouch 4g into the wild. In the description it says *WORKS ONLY WITH T-MOBILE MYTOUCH 4G* but it installed on my Evo 4g just fine. It even works better than the evo version. It automatically finds contacts that have video chat capabilities weather its phone or some other service. (so my guess is it may work with skype users, cause it found my friend who has iphone 4) I'll be back with more details when I get them.....

"T-Mobile® announced that their new myTouch® smartphone will come with Video Chat and Video Mail capabilities from Qik.
T-Mobile myTouch users will be able to see who is available for a live Video Chat using presence information integrated into the myTouch’s address book, and have the option to leave Video Mail using Qik when someone is unavailable.
According to T-Mobile, the myTouch “is expected to be available in time for the holidays.”

OK, so Ive found out that the app WILL come pre-installed on phone at launch along with the Galaxy Tab for T-Mobile, but is viewable in the market to users with android 2.1(eclair) and up. Also to correct the above statement about skype calling, so far it finds users in your contacts who have qik installed on there android device or the same similar protocol. (that's why it found iphone 4 contact) If anyone finds out more about the app feel free to contact so we can further update the post. Until then enjoy tinkering with it & remember where you read it first :)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Tricking Out Your Evo w/o Rooting

Have you ever wanted to add some sweet modifications to your Evo(or any other android phone running 2.1 & up) without rooting it, in fear that you might "brick" it? Well have no fear, there are some sweet apps you can download in the market. See list below.

  • LG Home (LG Optimus One home launcher)
  • LG Memo Widget
  • LG Calendar
  • Gallery 3D
 Ok lets break down the details. First the "LG Home" is kinda self explanatory, its the home launcher from LG's Optimus One. With all its features. The Memo Widget is pretty cool too, after you add the widget to your home screen, you can add a photo to it, and later replace it and take a new one.(it only lets you have one memo, unless you add the widget more than once.) The Calendar has two widgets to choose from, the first being a month view & the second being the day view. Lastly is the 3D gallery from the Nexus One, and its fully featured :) If you wanna see these apps in action & full detail watch the video after the break.